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How to Make a Flash Slideshow for My Blogger?

Q : How do I make a Flash Slideshow for My Blogger?

A: After producing the flash slide show with our flash tool. You will get two output files, when you click the "Advanced..." button and select menu item "Open Output Folder...", there are two files like : myalbum.swf and myalbum.html . The .SWF file is the flash file. You can double-click anyone of them to view your flash file.

With the Flash file, how could it be used in My blogger?

1) Firstly, you need to upload the flash files to the internet. You can upload it to your own web host where you host another website. or use our free flash hosting services.

Within the Output Options dialog, please select the option "Create Flash Files and Upload to SkyAlbum"

Flash slide show Blogger - photo blog

You will get the dialog like below:

Upload Flash slideshow for Blogger - photo blog

When the uploading process finished, this dialog will apear:

Flash slide show for Blogger

photo blog

on both cases, you can get a link to your flash file which has been uploaded to the internet. If you using our space provided, you will get a link such as:


If you click the link provided, you can view the flash file that you made and uploaded, then the step 1) is sucessful. Otherwise, please check and try it again.

2) Then open your blogger editor, and swith to the "HTML" mode. then add the following code to any of the sections in your post:


3) Repleace the swf file link "http://album.dvd-photo-slideshow.com/flash/flower.swf" in above code with your own one. You need to change the width="320" height="240" data too if your flash is not 320x240 in size.

4) Post your title and you are done!

For a sample blogger, please visit:


photo blog

For more FAQs, please visit our support forum.

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