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How to insert output SWF flash slideshow to my own website?

1. Using theme in Basic tab

If you are using the theme in Basic tab, please do not rename or change the output folder structure. Just upload the generated SWF Flash file to your website and then use the following html code as an example to insert the SWF object into your html code.

<div style="float: right;">
<object height="145" width="200">
<param name="movie" value="demo.swf">
<embed src="demo.swf" height="145" width="200">

(*demo.swf is the file name of the generated SWF Flash file. Here, you also need to pay attention to the path of SWF file if you put your webpage HTML file and SWF in different folders.)

Normally, if you insert the SWF in HTML editor, it will apply the correct path of SWF automatically. Please refer to the following URL link to know more about inserting SWF file object in HTML editors.


2. Using theme in Advanced tab

After publish the slideshow, you can open the output folder by click the menu "File" and select the "Open Output Folder.." menu item.

There is a file named "fs_aux.html", open the file with a text editor software. you can see the code like this:



Please copy the code section from "<object>" to "</object>" into your own HTML page.

Note: 1. If you are using Dreamwave or Frontpage, you should switch from design view to code view.
2. You should also copy all the files and sub-folders in the output folder to the same folder of your own html file.
3. If you put these files in another folder, please change the code "sample.swf?xml_path=slides.xml" by adding correct path before the SWF and XML file.

If you have any questions, please contact us at .